If You Go to Hong Kong While Married – Stay Faithful at All Costs

Here’s a message for the male readership, cheating is never good and the laws in some countries will not hesitate to let you know. In Hong Kong, women can legally kill their husbands with their bare hands if any infidelity is proven.

Keep that ring on your finger!
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Keep that ring on your finger!

Those who have been the victims of the infidelity of their spouses know that it can raise strong murderous desires. But fortunately for the survival of the human race laws exist to prohibit crimes of passion…

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A surprising legislation

However, some countries do not have the same laws, nor the same protections for the unfaithful. In Hong Kong, the law actually allows a woman tokill her cheating husband.So if you get caught in the act of carnal pleasure with your mistress, your wife has the right to turn into a bloodthirsty killer!

Careful, murder has its rules

The woman does have one rule to follow however, she can only finish her husband off with her bare hands, an act which will no doubt be quite brutal. And if you’re wondering, know that this law doesn’t only apply to the husband, when it comes to the woman who corrupted him the wife still has all the rights, and she can give free rein to her imagination when it comes to choosing a fitting punishment! Now you can say ‘I'm going to kill you, you [insert the insult of your choice]’ and actually mean it!

However, does the law apply if the mistress is actually a man? And most importantly, does the law also apply to unfaithful women? Remember, infidelity does go both ways.

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