One Of The Planet’s Biggest Sharks Has Been Caught On Film In The Red Sea

Check out one of the seas’ largest sharks.

Whale sharks can get pretty big
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Whale sharks can get pretty big

One of the largest marine species was spotted in the Red Sea recently. We owe this discovery to a group of tourists visiting coral reefs near the city of Eilat, Israel. The massive creature in the video above is none other than a whale shark, one of the deep sea’s most enormous and impressive species. The video was dispersed by The Times of Israel.

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Very fortunately for the tourists behind the camera, this shark species don’t bother humans. It eats plankton, seaweed, and small animals. Whale sharks can grow up to 65 feet long and weigh up to 34 tons. However, despite its imposing size and 150-year-long lifespan, the species is currently endangered.

Generally speaking, whale sharksare not found near coasts. It is usually found in open waters of the tropical oceans and is rarely found in waters with temperatures under 21 °C. It usually doesn't dive to great depths, but it can dive down as far as 6000 feet. It was first discovered in 1828 when a 15-foot long specimen was harpooned near South Africa.

In 2011, 400 specimens were seen gathering off the Yucatan coast, one of the largest gatherings of whale sharks ever recorded. Ecotourism in the area has therefore now become unsustainable.

Check out the video above for the terrifying footage...

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