Scientists Discover Terrifying Two-Headed Shark In Mediterranean Sea

They say reality is sometimes stranger than fiction... Well we now have concrete proof of that. A two-headed shark has recently been found by Spanish scientists in the Mediterranean Sea. This is the first specimen that has ever been found, but this frightening discovery is probably not the last.

The first two-headed shark ever discovered!
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The first two-headed shark ever discovered!

We love unusual stories involving sharks, so here's another one for you. Scientists have recently made a discovery that would terrify anyone. These Spanish researchers have discovered a two-headed shark embryo belonging to the Atlantic sawtail catshark species in the Mediterranean Sea.

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This embryo lives in the depths of the sea and is likely to be part of an endangered species. But don't worry too much, it's not very likely that you will come across one during your next vacation.

As part of a study on human-health research, scientists collected the embryos of nearly 800 sharks to study their cardiovascular system and noticed a single embryo had developed two heads, two stomachs, two livers, but shared one single intestine.

This malformation is known as diphallia and is extremely rare in animals but has also been observed in snakes, dolphins ... and humans! George Burgess, the director of shark research that is being done at the Florida Museum of Natural History, said there was little chance of encountering a two-headed shark in the wild.

Unfortunately, these shark specimens are usually eaten very quickly because of their malformation. But we bet you'll still have a quick look around the next time we put our feet in the water...

Check out the video above to see the bizarre predator for yourself...

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