Moment A Rich Businessman Watches His Lamborghini Go Up In Flames An Hour After Getting it Serviced

22-year-old businessman, Lak Sira watched powerlessly as his gold-plated 'pride and joy' Lamborghini engulfed into flames a mere hour after service, costing him £10,000. The young entrepreneur is now left demanding answers.

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Young businessman and proud car owner, Lak Sira shared a clip of the unexpected moment his £125k Lamborghini Gallardo burst into flames mid-drive along the M6. After receiving service costing him a grand total of £10,000, Lak set off to London to enjoy a night out along with his girlfriend. It wasn't until they made their way onto the motorway that things began turning for the worst...

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Whilst on the road, the couple began smelling petrol which prompted concern. Despite the garage servicemen assuring them that this was normal, the couple found themselves forced to leave the vehicle after it gave out a worryingly-loud noise. It wasn't long before the back of the car caught up in flames while being parked on the hard shoulder of the M6.

Lak explains what happened: "We had only gone one junction when my girlfriend smelt petrol in the car, so I called the garage's mechanic. He said the car had been for a service and it is usual to smell a bit of fuel, so there wasn't a problem," he recalled.

"So we carried on a bit further and my girlfriend asked me to open the windows, because the smell of fuel had got that strong.

"I stopped on the hard shoulder, between J5 and J6, to remove the roof but then the next thing was we heard a loud bang, it was like a firework going off, and the back of my car caught fire."

Following on from the loss of his gold-plated sportscar, a process which sums up to an eye-watering £12,000, the young businessman believes that it was no coincidence. Taking to the law, Lak plans to meet with a solicitor in order to see if any action can be taken against the dealership.

"I'm absolutely devastated. I only had the car for a year and a half and I loved it... I paid £12,000 to get it gold plated and £10,000 on the service - and then this happens

"I want answers because it clearly wasn't safe to drive and if it had burst into flames as I was going along then we could have been killed."

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