An alligator tries to eat her alive as zip lines over a lake

One woman had a slightly more exciting zip line experience than the others.

Zip line
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Zip line

In the middle of a zip line in Florida, a young woman found herself face to face with an... alligator! She had quite the fright!

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The fright of her life

The alligator was quietly swimming in the murky waters. When it saw a young woman above, it tried to grab her with its mouth open as she passed over it. Fortunately, the woman grabbed onto the harness and managed to avoid disaster!

But the young woman must have had the fright of her life, as she was suspended about 7 feet above the surface of the water!

Although it is well known that the waters of Florida are full of alligators, it must have been quite a surprise for the woman, who suddenly seemed to be in a hurry to reach dry land. When the zip line arrived, however, there was a lot of laughter. No harm done in the end!

You can see what happened in the video above, which caused a real buzz on social networks. How would you have reacted if you had been in this young woman's place?

Animals rebel

Extraordinary stories like this one happen very frequently. Animals are quite fascinating beings that can make us die of laughter at one moment, but frighten us the next... They remain wild and unpredictable beasts, which is why you should always be cautious around them.

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