A streamer tried to eat a live octopus and seriously regretted it

In what might be the most excruciating display of karma we've ever seen, a Chinese vlogger had to pry an octopus off her face after she attempted to eat the poor creature live on stream.

A Streamer Tried to Eat a Live Octopus and Seriously Regretted It
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A Streamer Tried to Eat a Live Octopus and Seriously Regretted It

CAUTION: The video above may be unpleasant for some viewers, viewer discretion is advised.

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It comes as no surprise that different cultures have different preferences when it comes to food. Americans have become associated with cheeseburgers, Britons with beans and mash, Indians with curry, and Japanese with sushi.

While we do love the foods that all cultures have to offer, we're not quite sure about this Chinese streamers choice of cuisine. A live octopus. While this may seem strange to some people it's actually quite a common practise in countries like China and South Korea and is said to actually be good for blood sugar levels.

However, when it is prepared by chefs the octopus itself is sliced into smaller pieces just prior to being eaten. If it isn't, the strong tentacles combined with still being attached to the living and thinking octopus could potentially be a real choking hazard and be quite dangerous.

When your meal fights back

The video above is a perfect example of what could go wrong when someone decides to eat a live octopus. These complex animals have been known to lift up to 40 times their own body weight, and their grip... thanks to hundreds of suckers controlled by a complex system of neurons is no laughing matter.

The video subsequently went viral after being posted on Twitter and Reddit and the octopus received overwhelming support for fighting back against its would-be consumer.

One Reddit user stated:

Well deserved.

and another added:

That is a savage way to treat an animal. She got what she deserved.

A Twitter user gave his full support to the brave octopus:

Perhaps she'll think twice before attempting this again, however, she allegedly said that she would eat it in the next video she posted. Let's hope she reconsiders.

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