Gigantic fish makes a meal out of a shark off the coast of Florida

Incredible footage of a shark being swallowed by a goliath grouper filmed by Florida fishermen.

Lemon shark
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Lemon shark

Here's a video that won't disappoint. John Brossard from Florida shared some spectacular footage on YouTube. It shows a huge fish catching a shark and making it disappear into the water, while a group of fishermen look on in amazement.

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One of the biggest fish in the world

As reported by the Daily Mail, the scene took place off the coast of Goodland, in South Florida. John Brossard runs a company there that organizes fishing trips. On that day, the crew had a shark about a metre long on the end of their line.

As the group tried to pull the shark back to the boat, three impressive fish appeared. They are goliath groupers, considered to be one of the largest fish in the world. One of the three seems to be attracted by what is at the end of the fishermen's line. He first tries to catch the shark, but fails.

The sunken shark

But the huge fish, visibly determined—or hungry, rather—comes back and manages to grab the shark, before making it disappear into the water. The scene left the fishermen speechless.

Captain Brossard estimated that the grouper weighed almost 230 kg. Goliath grouper can grow to a size of 2.5 metres and weigh 455 kg. So the fish only made a bite out of this little shark. Although the scene may be surprising, John Brossard reminded us that the Everglades, a wetland in southern Florida, is home to an extremely rich wildlife.

Goliath grouper Getty Images
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