This Guy Tried To Steal A Bike… In Front Of A Police Station

This Guy Tried To Steal A Bike… In Front Of A Police Station

Before trying to steal this bike, the thief should have taken his time to look around a bit first. Because if he had, he would have realised that it wasn’t such a ‘good’ idea to steal the two-wheeler from just in front of… a police station!

Well, this was a really amusing scene that took place on 27th December in Gladstone, Oregon (the United States), when night-time had just fallen over the city.

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Hell bent on stealing a bike that he seemed to really want, a man dressed in a hoody, a balaclava with a pair of pliers tried to steal the bicycle without paying attention for a second to where he was. If he had been more attentive, the thief (who definitely was not that smart), would have noticed that the bike was actually stationed… in front of a police station!

Filmed by a security camera at the police station, it didn’t take long before the scene caught the attention of a police officer who immediately came out to ask the thief for an explanation. Recently posted on social media by the police in Gladstone, the ‘cunning’ thief caught red handed quickly went viral due to the comedy surrounding the situation.

Anna Wilkins
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