CCTV captures pathetic robbers abandoning a Ferrari immediately after stealing it

After breqaking, entering and bagging themselves a £200k Ferarri 488, the lot simply abandoned their mission after their plan of action didn't quite go to plan.

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CCTV footage captured the moment a robberytook place in a home in Streetly, West Midlands. The clip shows the lot managing to stash a number of stolen goods including jewellery, various designer bags and watches inside a stolen Audi.

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It wasn't until the thieves inspected the array of stuff they had snatched that they found the keys to a Ferarri 488 - worth a good £200,000 - inside one of the handbags. Thinking Christmas had come early, the group of thugs made a comeback for the luxury sports car, but quickly faced a problem that resulted in them simply dumping the Ferarri on the opposite side of the street. The challenge? They were unable to get the car into drive mode. Toni-Leigh Evans recalled the moment neighbours called to break the news of the theft:

We were out at my nan’s and a neighbour rang my husband and said 'don’t panic', but your Ferrari is on the opposite side of the road and the front glass is smashed in by your front door. My husband and I left the children at my nan’s and came back. They tried to get in the front door and couldn’t as we have anti-theft locks.

Despite not having been inside the property at the time of therobbery to their fortune, Mrs Evans, who was seven months pregnant, stressed that the family is feeling unsafe in the neighbourhood:

Luckily we weren't in. I don't think they'd have cared if we were. To be honest I am surprised I haven't cried and gone into stress labour. I am glad the kids weren't here. We are never going to put the kids back in this house. We are not sleeping here again and we are looking for somewhere else. We only rent the property. We want to go out of the house and feel safe again.

Following the robbery - and their pathetic attempt at stealing the luxury supercar - police are on the lookout for the culprits after small samples of blood had been found inside the property:

Police are investigating a burglary at a property in Streetly just before 6.30pm on Tuesday February 19, where a number of handbags and jewellery items were taken. An attempt was also made to steal a grey Ferrari but the offenders abandoned it in the middle of the road. Enquiries continue and anyone with information is asked to can contact us, quoting crime reference number 20WS/42926H/19.
Two robbers caught in the act by CCTV might just be the worst burglars in the world Two robbers caught in the act by CCTV might just be the worst burglars in the world