Luke Munday Fortnite Streamer On Trial For Domestic Abuse

Last December, a streamer by the name of MrDeadMoth was banned from Twitch for hitting his pregnant girlfriend in the middle of a live stream. After months of trials and deliberation, he has finally received his sentence.

Some streamers end up losing control on Twitch and some even do some pretty inappropriate things while they are live streaming. Most of the time, they are quickly dealt with by Twitch and banned for up to several months. But what happens when a streamer goes too far?

A shocking act of violence that has finally been dealt with

Luke Munday, more commonly known by the Fortnite community as MrDeadMoth, is currently dealing with the consequences of his actions. The player became big news among the community in December 2018 when he violently attacked his girlfriend in the middle of a live stream. While he was playing Fortnite, the streamer quickly got annoyed when his girlfriend kept calling him for dinner. Angry, Luke Munday quickly got up from his seat and hit his partner.

Luckily, this act of violence was not visible on the live stream, but it still shocked viewers nevertheless, especially because they could hear her cries and the sounds caused by this act of aggression. This was made even worse by the fact that the young woman was pregnant at the time. After his first appearance in court, Luke Munday was then put on trial and his sentence has now been served: no prison time, but 14 months of community service.

‘Luke Munday isn’t going to prison for beating his wife in front of there child while streaming. I don’t like talking about this drama but it's pathetic. @KEEMSTAR look into this makes me sick to my stomach.

Thank you

- Lucity (@LordLucity) November 13, 2019’

A decision that might not seem harsh enough

During his trial, Luke Munday tried to defend himself with the help of his lawyer who insisted that the young woman had pushed him too far and that, under normal circumstances, the young man was ‘a loving and caring person’. Munday has even been said to be a victim himself of repeated minor injuries at the hands of his girlfriend… This defence could have played a role in the final sentence he was given, but it clearly didn’t completely convince the judge, who claimed that MrDeadMoth’s actions were ‘inappropriate’, particularly since this aggressive behaviour took place in front of a live, young audience.

As for his final sentence, he has been given a ‘Community Corrections Order’, which includes community service. Nevertheless, this decision will undoubtedly lead to various reactions and criticism, especially due to how small and minor his sentence is considering that he hit a woman, a pregnant woman as well.

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