R. Kelly trial: Witness says she caught singer in a 'sexual situation' with underage Aaliyah

Week 5 of Robert Kelly’s sex crimes trial resumed with two testimonies that confirmed the singer’s abusive behaviour against women, men, and minors.

R. Kelly trial
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R. Kelly trial

An integral part of the prosecution’s case is proving that the singer had an abusive, and illegal relationship with the now-deceased Queen of R&B, Aaliyah. At the time of their involvement and subsequent marriage, Aaliyah was 15 and R. Kelly had forged documents to change her official age to 18.

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To strengthen their argument in court, prosecution called upon a witness who caught the two in the sexual act firsthand. The woman was referred to as ‘Angela’ and she herself was in a relationship with Kelly when she was also 15 years old.

Caught in the act

Angela was lured into the hypnotic life of R. Kelly with promises of having a thriving career in music. She was told to drop out of school and join his troupe as a backup singer.

When she went on tour with Aaliyah and Kelly, she accidentally walked in on the pair engaged in a 'sexual situation.' She said:

I saw Robert and Aaliyah in a sexual situation. It appeared that he had his head in between her legs and was giving her oral sex… I closed the door abruptly and pushed the girl behind me away from the door.

Angela also revealed that Kelly would often demand sex from the women as punishment if they broke any of 'Rob’s rules'. She added:

Robert told all of us we would have to put out. It was dues time.

Second witness

Prosecution also called the second male witness on the stand to talk about his relationship with Kelly. Although the male accuser was 20 when they were engaged in sexual activity, he was able to fill the jury in on the intimate details of life in R. Kelly’s illicit bubble.

The witness, who went by the name ‘Alex’, said that Kelly would often force him to have sex with ‘zombiesh’ girls while he either joined in or watched from the side, and he recorded all of their sexual encounters on his Ipad.

Alex also mentioned that when Surviving R. Kelly was aired, he was contacted by the singer and asked to write a letter denying their relationship. He said:

He told me [what to write] word-for-word.
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