Everything you need to know about Tiger Woods' car accident

In a grave traffic accident on Tuesday, Tiger Woods was taken to the hospital. The golfing star suffers from several open fractures to the right leg.

Everything you need to know about Tiger Woods' car accident
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Everything you need to know about Tiger Woods' car accident

Tiger Woods has surgery on his right leg

Having been in a serious traffic collision on Tuesday near Los Angeles, Tiger Woods is currently at the Harbor-UCLA hospital where he is recovering after having had surgery on his right leg. The American golfer suffered from multiple open fractures in his shin and ankle and his operation lasted several hours. During this operation, the five-time Masters winner was fitted with a rod to hold his tibia and several screws and pins to his foot. His life is not in danger, but we do not yet know all the repercussions that the incident will have on his career and his daily life. In a statement posted on his Twitter account, his entourage said they were 'grateful' for all the messages of support sent to the golfer on social networks.

An impressive accident

According to the first reports and the statements of Carlos Gonzalez, the police officer present on the spot, Tiger Woodswould have lost control of his vehicle without any other car being implied. The road on which he travelled was twisting and prone to accidents. Sheriff Villanueva, meanwhile, said the golfer was going at a 'relatively higher than average' speed. No sign of braking was observed. According to the sheriff's findings, Woods was not driving under the influence of alcohol or any drugs or medication.

Woods was 'lucid and calm'

On the images broadcast by American television channels, we can see Woods' car completely totalled. The sports legend would have crossed the central reservation before starting to flip and hitting a tree. According to Carlos Gonzalez, the 45-year-old 'had a lot of luck making it out alive,' owing his salvation partly to the nature of the vehicle he was in, a luxury SUV, and the fact that he had put on his seat belt. When the police arrived on the scene, the golfer was 'lucid and calm' according to the various testimonies.