Ant and Dec: All you need to know about 'Limitless Win,' their new game show

Ant and Dec’s new show Limitless Win is set to launch in January - and it’s got a gamechanging twist.

You could win ‘limitless’ money on Ant and Dec’s new gameshow
You could win ‘limitless’ money on Ant and Dec’s new gameshow

Ant and Dec are well known for fronting ITV favourites like Britain’s Got Talent, Saturday Night Takeaway and I’m A Celebyear after year. But this January, they’ve got a brand new gameshow launching—Limitless Win.

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Ant and Dec’s Limitless Win

As you’d expect from a gameshow, it will see contestants answering questions to win money—so far, so standard. But what makes this show unique is that there’s no limit to how much contestants can win. According to ITV, it’s the first show in the world to have unlimited prize money.

The show will see contestants climb £250,000 higher on the money ladder with each right answer—and they can keep going as long as they choose. However, if they get a question wrong at any point, they could lose everything.

While the show sounds seriously exciting and promises plenty of tension, ITV might have to make it a little harder, as test runs saw contestants scoop over £40 million. According to The Sun, a source said:

As with any big show, producers like to get either the crew or public to have a crack so they can iron out any issues. But they couldn’t believe their eyes when they gave it a test run. Obviously, it makes for great viewing. But it left ITV’s accountants having kittens.

That being said, Ant and Dec are a huge pull for ratings, so that should help balance things out.

When does Limitless Win start?

Ant and Dec’s tense new gameshow Limitless Win will start on Saturday 8 January 2022 on ITV and ITV Hub. Something to look forward to after Christmas and New Year’s!

Watch the trailer below!

Ant And Dec Are Getting A Brand New Show Ant And Dec Are Getting A Brand New Show