Clay Collard And Raymond Guajardo Go Blow For Blow In A Match For The Ages (Video)

During SuperBowl weekend, a lot of hype tends to be stripped away from other sports, in anticipation of this heavy-hitting sporting event. One particular boxing match that took place this sent boxing fans into a frenzy with its brutality, and just in case you missed it, we have the highlights for you in the video above.

Clay Collard And Raymond Guajardo Go Blow For Blow In A Match For The Ages (Video)
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In what may be the best fight of the year so far, we saw boxing super welterweights Clay Collard and Raymond Guajardo go head to head in a battle of sheer will and savagery at the Beau Rivage Resort & Casino in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Going out with a bang

The fight, that ended early in the second round by way of TKO, was won by Collard, 26, a former UFC fighter who had announced it would be his last fight before moving into the mixed martial arts' Professional Fighters League. This was a massive upset to his opponent Raymond, who was undefeated prior to the fight.

The fight was supposed a showcase for young Guajardo, 19 who stated in a post-fight interview: “I’ll be back, 100 (percent) after this.”

Collard clearly had an appreciation for the young fighter also making a statement: “It was a war, that was fighting is, we’re in that battling. It’s what I loved to do. It was awesome.” Collard seems to be looking to extend his boxing career after this shocking victory.

However you look at it, when you watch the highlights you can feel the determination and sheer will power each fighter has to continue on despite being brutally battered and unimaginably exhausted.