Veterinarian reveals what pets think about before dying

A veterinarian reveals what goes through the mind of your pet during its final moments before being euthanised

Many people find it difficult to accompany their pets to the vet when they have to be euthanized. Yes, this moment is very painful for anyone, have you ever thought about what your pet felt at that moment? This vet's heartbreaking message may move you.

This is a difficult time that many of us have gone through. After wonderful years by our side, our pets eventually leave us. And sometimes, due to health problems or simply old age, we have to look into euthanising our pet. A painful moment for anyone, but what about the dog, cat or rodent when it comes to living its last moments?

"Don't let it die alone"

Faced with this situation, you have to know what is good and what is not good for your beloved pet. And this is what a South African veterinarian wanted to explain—it may help some people open their eyes to euthanasia.

When you're a pet owner, it's inevitable, in most cases, that your pet will die before you do. So when you have to take your pet to the vet for a humane and painless end, I want you all to know something. You've been the center of their world for their entire life!

And adds:

He may be a part of yours, but all he knows is you, his family. It's a very bad decision to always have to make, for sure, and it's devastating for us humans to lose him. But please don't let him die alone.

"Don't be a coward"

In the rest of his poignant message, this veterinarian asks that the animal's feelings be taken into account. "Don't be a coward," he says, "imagine how he feels when you leave him alone in the most difficult moment of his life."

This touching testimony signed by "a tired and heartbroken veterinarian" should make more than one reflect on this difficult moment that we do not wish on anyone. So yes, it is heartbreaking to see your pet close his eyes for the last time in front of you, but it is even more heartbreaking to imagine him closing his eyes alone.

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