Woman rescues mysterious animal but experts have no idea what species it really is

This woman brought home an animal that was cold and lost but experts are confused about what species it belongs to.

Mysterious animal
© Enrico Mantegazza/UNSPLASH
Mysterious animal

Recently, Pennsylvania resident Christina Eyth came across a visibly distressed animal that was wandering around her house. She decided to rescue the animal since it looked cold and quite lost. Eyth told NBC-affiliate TV station WPXI:

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I noticed paw prints in front of the door, thinking it might be my neighbour's dog running loose. I glanced at the door and that's when I saw the animal on its side. He was scared, cold and shaking. It needed help.

Mysterious creature

Although rescuing an animal is a truly noble act, it can also be intimidating at times—especially if you don’t know exactly what type of animal you are saving and such was the case for Christina Eyth.

The lost creature had astonishing features that made it look like a mix between a dog and something entirely different. It had sparse fur, a tapered muzzle, yellow eyes, and pointy ears.

Confused, Eyth took the mysterious animal to see experts who were also unable to give her a definitive answer. Morgan Barron, wildlife veterinarian said:

Honestly, I can't say for sure what it is. We have to be careful because this animal could be carrying rabies or other diseases.

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Animal in need

Experts speculate that the animal could be a cross between several breeds of dog or even a mix between a dog and a coyote. However, they decided to conduct a DNA test to be sure of what they were dealing with. The results of the examination have yet to be publicised but in the meantime the mysterious creature has been given shelter and is slowly recovering. Christina Eyth said:

He's very shy, gentle, not aggressive at all. So I'd say it's a dog.

For now the animal has been placed in isolation and is getting treated for scabies just as a precaution. But no matter what the DNA test reveals, Christina says that she would do the same thing again if she had to. She added:

There was an animal in need, and I feel like I did the right thing.
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