Tourists Got A Fright As A Rhino Chased Them Through A Safari

Tourists on a safari through Kruger National Park in South Africa were given a fright when a rhino started to chase the Jeep through the area.

The group were hoping to see some exotic animals in their natural habitat when they realised that a rhino was starting to chase their vehicle through the park.

One of the group members, Rian Boshoff told

“We were driving along the riverbed when this bull white rhino crossed the road. He stood still right next to the road and we went past him to continue our leopard search. As we did that, the rhino suddenly charged.”

The guide was hoping that they could outrun the rhino in their Jeep to either get far enough away or to tire the huge creature out, Boshoff stated that the group was driving away like crazy:

“As you can imagine, the guide stepped on the gas and we were going around corners like madness. The guide decided to head for the bush by making a sharp right turn trying to throw him off guard because of their bad sight, but the rhino just kept charging.”

The tour guide managed to get the group to safety after being charged for about 500 metres. He claimed that he had passed through the same route the day previous but that since then the rhino must have gotten territorial.

The whole thing was caught on camera too with the video being seen over 300,000 times by interested viewers.

Check out the video above to see the encounter!

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