This Man Got More Than He Hoped For When He Came Across A Hippo While On Safari

This driver was going for a jaunt through a national park in South Africa. and he certainly didn’t expect this! A baby hippopotamus took a dislike to his 4x4 and decided to make a charge for the vehicle. This incredible video footage shows exactly what happened

A more dangerous animal than they appear

Did you think hippopotamuses were calm and pretty sweet animals? Think again! Although they appear a little awkward and clumsy when we see them, they are in fact formidable predators with a rather aggressive temperament! To the point that they are not afraid to attack animals known for their hunting skills, like lions, crocodiles or even sharks.

An impromptu encounter

This incredible scene took place in Kruger National Park, one of the world's biggest nature reserves, situated between South Africa and Mozambique. A man who was peacefully driving his large 4X4 Ford came across a baby hippopotamus… who charged at him without hesitation! The man took the time to immortalise this surreal moment by filming it, and we can see the animal fight back several times. And even though it was only a “baby”, it was certainly already a big size! We wouldn’t like to bump into its mother…

Surface damage only

Fortunately, there was no harm done but the man was visibly shocked and the car had quite a bit of damage. One thing is sure: he is not going to forget this encounter anytime soon! He certainly would have preferred the baby hippopotamus to do a little dance for him rather than having to repair his car…

Take a look at the video above to see the hippo's incredible actions for yourself!

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