This is What Happens When a Bull Shark Encounters a Group of African Hippos

A tour guide has managed to immortalise a rare interaction between a shark and a group of hippopotamuses in South Africa and it's quite something.

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Whilst sharks are among the most dangerous animals you may encounter in the water, hippos have nothing to scoff at either. Despite their clumsy appearance and herbivorous diet, these mammals are equally scary. And for good reason, they do not hesitate to attack anyone who approaches a little too close to their territory.

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Obviously, the shark of the video above was not aware of this. A tour guide on a trip to South Africa has captured a fascinating interaction between these two creatures. The sequence was shot in the park of the Simangaliso Wetland. While observing a group of hippos with tourists, Stacey Farrell suddenly saw the appearance of a bull shark's fin.

An ideal hunting spot

As Earth Touch News Network explains,hippopotamus excrement plays a crucial role in African watercourse ecosystems. By releasing their waste, these animals provide many nutrients to aquatic species. In fact, a group of hippopotamuses are often surrounded by many fish and it is therefore 'the best place for a shark in search of a snack', explains Stacey Farrell.

But this timethe shark seems to have gone for one ofthe hippos and the group didn't hesitate to fight back. The guide stated:

The water was very muddy and the shark started to hit a hippo, which pushed them to attack.'

In the end, 'the shark was much faster and managed to escape at the last second,' she continued.

A rare observation

Unlike most shark species, bull sharks are able to increase their salt retention, allowing them to venture into fresh or salt waters. So it is not uncommon to find them in such areas. However, an interaction of this type between sharks and hippos is much less common and has never been filmed before.

Check out the video above to see the extraordinary footage for yourself!

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