This man attempted to catch Burmese python... and it went horribly wrong (video)

While filming for a television show, this expert paid the price when the Burmese python he was holding bit him in the face.

With a height of up to five metres, the Burmese python (Python bivittatus) is one of the biggest snakes in the world. Given that it is a constrictor, it’s not afraid to use its powerful body to strangle its prey until its last breath. Even if you’re familiar with them, this reptile is still extremely dangerous, and any attack could lead to something scary, if not deadly.

This is what happened to a man in the United States. When the snake expert caught a several metre long Burmese python, all did not go to plan. Despite keeping the snake's mouth shut to prevent it from biting, the animal jumped in his face and bit him. The whole traumatic ordeal was filmed and, as can be seen in the photos, the man has, fortunately, come out of it almost unharmed.

It should be noted that he remained calm whilst bleeding profusely, and then received greatly needed help from his wife. After successfully blocking the reptile’s breathing with her fingers, she ended up beating off the snake by pouring cranberry juice into its mouth. The taste, unusual smell and freshness of the drink eventually got the snake to calm down.

The Burmese python originates from Asia and has been causing big problems in the U.S, especially in Florida, where it’s considered as an invasive species. No less than 1,330 pythons have been found and captured in the Everglades.

One man survived a snake after it went for his throat One man survived a snake after it went for his throat