This Family Ignored Safety Instructions at the Safari and Will Never Do It Again

There is a reason why it's forbidden to leave your car while out in a safari park. For one family of tourists, they learned this the hard way after they were attacked by a group of cheetahs. Watch the video to see the scene unfold!

A safari park in the Netherlands - aptly named SafariPark, how original - follows the same rule as any other safari park: don't leave your car. However, one French family of tourists decided this didn’t apply to them. These parents, accompanied by their young children, got out of their car on numerous occasions to go and meet the cheetahs. Who could've guessed how this would end?

In the video above, you can see the family get out of their vehicle and approach the felines. After a few minutes, the cheetahs had had enough of this family running upon them. The cheetahs went into attack mode and charged the family.

The rules were so clear

The rules at SafariPark, like any other safari park, are strict. For the obvious (but apparently not so obvious for everyone) safety reasons, visitors are completely forbidden from leaving their vehicle or opening their windows and their doors should also be locked.

The manager of the park was very surprised by what these visitors had done. 'The family was extremely lucky', he said because the predators had already been fed by the trainers and so they weren’t hungry.

Regarding the security regulations, the spokesperson for the park said:

They were not allowed to leave their vehicle whilst in the park. Not only that, but they were given specific instructions in several languages, including French.

Check out the video above to see the parents' ridiculous actions for yourself!

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