This Cheetah Was Mid-Hunt When Another Furious Predator Showed Up

In life and in the jungle "anything goes". This lesson was made very clear to a mother cheetah, when she wanted to feed her baby and, suddenly, a deadly predator arrived. We'll leave you with images of this impressive confrontation.

The video was shared on YouTube and quickly went viral. The cheetah, one of the fastest wild animals in the world, slowly approaches an antelope to attack it. Its prey tries to flee, however, thanks to its speed, the predator finally manages to catch it.

Everything was going well until the unexpected happened. A furious hyena arrives and an incredible confrontation begins. The baby cheetah drops its prey - still alive - on the ground without thinking twice and seizes the opportunity to flee.

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The mother cheetah also escapes to protect her young from the furious predator. The hyena finally manages to steal the prey of its mortal enemy and enjoys its food without any mercy.

Hyenas are known to be malicious and selfish animals. This video is further proof of the little remorse that these creatures have when taking advantage of other animals of the jungle.

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