Man gets mauled by lions after scaling 20ft zoo enclosure

One 22-year old man scaled a safari park enclosure before being spotted and dragged away by lions as bewildered visitors watched on.

An unidentified man was once mauled to death by lions at Mahendra Chaudhary Zoological Park near Zirakpur in India right before horrified onlookers, as they were being transferred into the park on a safari.

The young man managed to climb his way into the restricted area of the safari park, where four lions were roaming freely. By the time he was spotted, he had already been gripped by a lionesscalled Shilpa, who proceeded to drag what she deemed as prey around the enclosure before other lions joined in.

The driver of the safari bus spotted the man before swiftly informing emergency staff who rushed to retrieve the man from thelions'grip whilst the animals to back away as they sounded the car horn.

The rescue team had eventually managed to pull him into the bus before rushing him to emergency care, by which time he was already pronounced dead. An on-duty doctor at the hospital explained:

The deceased had major injuries on his right eye, neck and scratches on his chest and thigh.

Unfortunately, the identity of the victim remains a mystery as officials were unable to recover anything that may trace them to who he is. Authorities are waiting for for the body of the man to be collected before carrying out a post-mortem examination.

See the full footage above. Disclaimer: video contains content that some viewers may find distressing.

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