Jogger fears for his life as he is being chased by a cougar

A jogger posted a video on Instagram that very quickly went viral. In the video, he can be seen being chased by a wild mountain lion.

Jogger fears for his life as he is being chased by a cougar
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Jogger fears for his life as he is being chased by a cougar

This jogger got a good scare when he went for a run in the forest. Big running fan Kyle Burgess went jogging on October 12th in the state of Utah in the United States. On the way, the young man made an encounterthat he won't soon forget when he crossed paths with a puma.

A 6-minute viral video

During his run, the jogger was surprised by a curious and very agitated puma. Kyle Burgess decided to film this unlikely but dangerous encounter. The puma can be seen chasing the young man for several minutes. In spite of the young man's pleas, the wild beast won't leave him alone.

According to Fox News, the incident occurred around 5 pm on October 12th. The animal follows the jogger for several feet. Amazed and frightened, he can be heard begging the cougar to leave him alone.

We then learn that this puma is a female which was defending its young:

Go get your babies, I don't want to die today... I'm really scared!

Fangs bared, the female puma continues to protect her babies and approaches the jogger.

Only after 6 minutes of eye contact does Kyle Burgess find the courage to throw a rock at the animal. His throw and his shouts finally got the better of the puma, which then ran away to her baby felines.

How to protect yourself during a puma attack?

According to WikiHow, there are 4 ways to defend yourself during a puma attack:

1. Don’t run: the predator will think you are prey. You should instead back away slowly, always facing the animal!

2. Make noise: shout or use whatever is around you, this will frighten the animal.

3. Try to appear taller: to have a better chance of escaping a puma attack, puff out your chest and pull your shoulders back. You will appear taller, which can impress the animal.

Last piece of advice, call for help as soon as possible to let others know your situation and where you are.

This story had a happy ending for this jogger even if it certainly left a lasting impression on him!

See this incredible scene in the video above!