Horrified visitors witnessed this brutal fight between two gorillas

This amazing footage was taken at a zoo in Nebraska.

Visitors to Omaha's Henry Doorly Zoo & Aquarium in Nebraska, United States were shocked to witness this fight between two gorillas.

Not your average bar brawl

It seems to have been caused when one of the gorillas crossed in front of the other one, causing him to charge and collide into him. Both gorillas got up on their hind legs and started throwing punches at each other.

The scene looks like an impressive bar brawl, except a lot more serious. We definitely wouldn't want to tip off an extremely muscular30-stone gorilla. Seriously, we've never seen something so buff. Thankfully, after a brief scuffle, the gorillas backed off from each other.

'Where are the zookeepers?'

Whilst the fight is quite scary to see and the guests were clearly very concerned—with one shouting 'Where are the zookeepers!?'—experts say this is actually a fairly minor scuffle. Think of it like two gorilla brothers joking around.

Dan Houser, who works at the zoo in question, said:

It looks like a big battle but on the gorilla scale, it’s no more than one kid pushing another kid.

Well, if that's the case, we dread to think what a serious fight would look like...

Check out the video above to see the shocking footage for yourself!

Two gorillas captured in an incredible fight at the zoo Two gorillas captured in an incredible fight at the zoo