An alcoholic monkey has been sentenced to life in solitary after attacking 250 people

One monkey in Marzapur, India went on a murderous rampage after his owner's death left him without his regular supply of liquor.

An Alcoholic Monkey Has Been Sentenced to Life in Solitary After Attacking 250 People
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An alcoholic monkey has been sentenced to life in solitary confinement after going on a detox fuelled rampage.

Themonkeyknown as Kalua, went on his destructive tantrum after his owner died, leaving him without his usual supply ofalcohol. The forced detox sent the monkey into a blind rage and it took to the streets to attackanyone that walked by.

250 people were attacked by the monkey and one was even killed. The beast was favouring young girls as his victims, leaving many in need of plastic surgery after he ripped at their faces with his fangs.

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Zoo doctor Mohd Nasir revealed that the primate was captured after being injected with sedatives. The monkey is now being held in a zoo under isolation. Nasir commented:

There has been no change in his behaviour and he remains as aggressive as he was. It has been three years since he was brought here, but now it has been decided that he will remain in captivity all his life.

There is fear that if Kalua is allowed contact with any other people or animals he will become violent again.

Since being placed in isolation the monkey's behaviour has not improved and he has even taken to trying to pry over girls to his cage just to try to attack them through the bars.

The murderous beast even refuses to eat vegetables and lives solely off a meat-based diet furthering his image as an evil monkey.