Massive Boa Constrictor Found Inside American Man's Couch

Watch out, Kansas! A boa constrictor was just found snuggling up inside a couch in Kansas, despite the fact that there’s never been a boa constrictor spotted in the area. Weird, right?

Great, looks like even sitting down on the couch seems to be a dangerous activity now. Well, those of us outside of Kansas may feel a little safe. Okay, we do have the coronavirus to fear, but at least we don’t have to be scared of that anda random snake slithering into our home.

Apparently, 162 snakes reside in America, and 42 live in Kansas. The one snake that isn’t usually found in Kansas? Boa constrictors. But what was the snake found in a couch in Kansas? A boa constrictor.

And it wasn’t just a tiny little snake—it was a six-foot reptile. How did something that big manage to slither its way into a home? It’s freaky to think about.

Some of you may say that the homeowner probably owned the snake, but they’ve never owned one. They’ve also lived in the same duplex for four years. No one has any idea how the snake snuck into their home.

The snake, which comes from South America, was safely removed by the "resident snake charmer" from the fire department. Can you imagine collecting a six-foot-long snake? We can’t (and we don’t want to).

It turns out that the snake may be someone’s pet, so the police want that person to holler at them once they notice that their snake is missing. And hopefully, the owner will get a lesson on how to watch their pet!

What if it isn’t someone’s pet? And it’s just a random snake? Maybe boa constrictors will take over Kansas! Let’s hope this scenario doesn’t come to fruition. You can check out a photo of the snake in our video.

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