Drunken man throws himself at a massive shark from his boat

An unusual scene surfaced on Twitter: a man, apparently drunk, threw himself from his boat at a shark.

Man throws himself in water with shark
© Twitter
Man throws himself in water with shark

Don't drink and swim. As proof, a chilling video has surfaced on social networks. A man, probably drunk, jumped from his boat onto a shark that was circling the boat.

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Drunk, he jumps next to a shark

A video dating from 2 July surfaced during the week showing the adventures of a man on his boat. In the video, an unidentified man is filming a shark swimming next to their boat. In between a choir of 'Ooohs' and 'Aaahs,' to everyone's disbelief, we see a man jumping in the water, right above the shark. After looking at the camera—as if posing for a photo—he quickly gets back onto the boat as his mates cheer him on, saying: 'That was sick, man!'

An incredibly unconscious act

The Sun picked up the video and tried to contextualise the impressive and totally crazy footage. Neither the location nor the date of filming is specified, but by tracing back to the origin of the publication, an Instagram account indicated that it was located in Cohasset, Massachusetts, in the United States. In addition, the British newspaper identifies the shark as a 'basking shark,' a vulnerable species.

Fortunately for our oblivious bather, this species of shark is completely harmless to humans. It is similar to the 'whale shark,' an impressive but harmless selachimorph. Unlike this Australian surfer, this bather was lucky!

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