This Guy's Sugar Daddies Have Spent Over £9k To Make Him Look Like Brooklyn Beckham

In 2016, then-19-year-old Jack Johnson appeared on This Morning to explain why he'd blown over £20k on plastic surgery to make him look like David Beckham. Now, he's trying to emulate his son.

Jack has told The Mirror that David Beckham 'is obviously very attractive but he's getting older now and I want a younger, fresher look.' So he's channelling his efforts into resembling David's oldest son - 19-year-old Brooklyn.

Already £30k in debt and sleeping on friends couches, the unemployed 21-year-old is having his weekly vampire facials and thread facelifts paid for by five sugar daddies. These sugar daddies - reportedly all wealthy businessmen - also keep him living the luxury lifestyle, buying him gifts such as designer handbags and taking him to exclusive events and gourmet dinners.

His next plan? A trip to Turkey to get his teeth done: 'I want the veneers to be the same shape as Brooklyn's teeth but dead bright and fake looking.'

To the naysayers, he says: 'If people want to moan, let them. Because I'm the one who's winning.'

Check out the video above to see Jack's transformation for yourself...

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