Anthony Joshua Doesn't Look Like This Any More

Anthony Joshua has changed a lot physically since his surprising loss against Andy Ruiz Jr. Does the English boxer have a new training approach to prepare for his rematch?

Anthony Joshua
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Anthony Joshua

These past few months have been particularly complicated for Anthony Joshua. The former Olympic champion from London has gone from being an idolized boxer, considered one of the three best current heavyweight champions and the potential future GOAT, to a fallen star with a talent that was ruined by too much confidence.

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But there are always risks that come with the territory of being a legendary boxer. AJ will need to prove during his rematch that he can get back on top, just like all legendary fighters have had to do at some point in their careers. Experiencing defeat is nothing to be ashamed of, but it can be just the kick that you need to make progress and get better.

A defeat that will definitely leave its mark

When he lost by TKO in the seventh round against Andy Ruiz Jr in Madison Square Garden in New York on 1st June 2019, Joshua was incredibly disappointed. But ever since the fight, the British fighter has reacted in the best way possible: by respecting his opponent’s performance without looking for or trying to make excuses for himself.

Since this interview, AJ hasn’t said anything else to the media, letting his manager Eddie Hearn do the work and settling with a few posts on social media. Is this proof that he is focusing on his training? It’s very likely.

An announcement for their rematch, that was contractually set out during their first fight, has just been made. They have decided that the fight will take place in Saudi Arabia after the two boxers had a little disagreement over the ideal location. Joshua and Ruiz will go up against each other on 7th December 2019 in Diriyah.

A very different physique

And according to a recent photo published on Joshua’s Snapchat account, he has decided to change his approach. Bigger than ever during his first fight against Andy Ruiz, AJ has always relied on muscle-building as his source of strength, which up until his recent defeat, seemed to work well for him. In each of his 21 KO wins, the English fighter managed to have the upper hand over all his opponents.

This photo on Snapchat showed him looking skinnier, not necessarily less toned and sharp, but definitely less bulky. But if you compare this image to an Instagram post from May 2019, you can clearly see the difference. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad idea, when you consider Andy Ruiz’s ability to take a punch without breaking a sweat before speeding up to tire Joshua out. We’ll see if his strategy pays off in December!

Check out the video above to see Anthony Joshua's surprising transformation for yourself...

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