After Having 21 Children, This Mother Has Fallen Pregnant With Baby Number 22
After Having 21 Children, This Mother Has Fallen Pregnant With Baby Number 22
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After Having 21 Children, This Mother Has Fallen Pregnant With Baby Number 22

This unusual family’s story has recently gone viral around the world. A 44-year-old woman is currently expecting baby number 22, making her family the biggest in the whole of the United Kingdom.

The strange story of the Radford family has recently gone viral and has become very well-known for being the biggest family in the whole of the United Kingdom. Almost a year ago, they welcomed who was supposed to be their last child into the world, but Sue has recently revealed that she is once again pregnant.

Sue Radford is 44 years old, has 21 children and is currently expecting baby number 22. The parents who have given birth to the largest number of offspring never imagined that they would one day have the largest family in Great Britain.

Sue announced the news of her latest child herself on the internet

Revealing that the due date is expected for April next year. The unusual news that she was expecting baby number 22 quickly went viral. The Radford family became famous after being the focus of a Channel 4 documentary in 2012 called 15 Kids and Counting and since then, the family has been managing a YouTube channel and several accounts on social media sites.

Sue is currently 44 years old and her husband Noel Radford is 48 years old. They had their first child when Sue was just 14 and Noel decided to have a vasectomy after baby number nine was born. However, he later decided to have the operation reversed so they could continue having children.

The family manages to survive thanks to Noel’s job and income as a baker, but they also rely on a small amount of child support that they receive from the government. Although they have quite a positive outlook on life and manage to get by with what they have, the truth is that they end up spending more than £300 a week on food alone.

But this isn’t exactly surprising since their family is so huge. As well as having 11 sons and 10 daughters of their own, the parents also have three grandchildren and two dogs. And now there’s going to be another little one running around. At the moment, however, it’s too early to be able to identify the sex of the baby but rest assured that we’re keeping up to date with news from this family and will reveal the baby’s gender as soon as we can.

By Lindsay Wilson

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