Watch as these two tourists jump into a waterfall and disappear into the jungle

Nature has some quite surprising and incomprehensible passageways. In the recent viral video you can find above, you can see two tourists jump down a waterfall in the jungle near Port Antonio in Jamaica.

Viral videos of crazy weather, wild animals andnature at its finest are always popping up to drive us crazy. And this video that lasts just half a minute is yet another one to add to the list!

The renowned Europa Press news source picked up this viral story that sent social media into a frenzy. The video was originally published by the YouTube channel Videlo and has already amassed quite a number of views.

The waterfall in question is located in the Jamaican jungle around Port Antonio. As you can see in the footage, two Norwegian tourists, Frederic Esnault and Tshawe Bagwa who made the video dared to take the leap.

These Nordic visitors were hiking through the jungle when they came across this natural wonder. They both decided they would take the leap and even record it for posterity.

What happened next, we hear you ask? In the footage that only lasts a few seconds, you can see both men disappear down the waterfall. But where exactly did they go?

According to Europa Press, one of the tourists revealed the secret. Frederic stated:

The waterfall leads into a cenote, a type of cave, and the stream takes you to the end of the cenote in pitch blackness.
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