Two women nearly fell off a cliff trying to take a selfie

Beware, taking selfies can be deadly! A mother and her daughter nearly died while trying to take pictures of themselves at the Grand Canyon (USA).

We've all heard of people doing crazy things for a beautiful picture and hundreds of likes on social networks, like Emily, 20, and her mother Erin. To immortalize their hike in the Grand Canyon, they decided to go off-course, to the edge of a cliff...

Kevin Fox, a father who was walking there with his children, witnessed it. He filmed them, with the intent of ​​showing the world what not to do at the edge of a cliff. He then posted his video, which was notably shared by ABC News.

Quick reflexes

In it, you can see the two women, trying to pose for pictures in front of the void. Emily, who's holding the device, isn't pleased with the picture, so she steps back a few centimeters. 'I saw that the ledge was right there and I said, 'Don't take another step back.' Twice I said that,' Erin told ABC News.

But the young woman took the risk anyway. She took a step back, stumbled off the edge of the cliff, then managed to regain her balance before she could fall into the void. Fortunately, she was able to balance herself quickly with her hands... 'My stomach went up into my chest,' said the young woman's mother, who feared for her daughter's life.

'I don't think she was really aware of how dangerous that was. I could see exactly what would happen if she fell,' Erin added.

A hobby not without its risks

Things could've taken a tragic turn... Indeed, trying to get the perfect photo at all costs can cost you. Earlier this year, three people died within less than two weeks at the Grand Canyon, probably in an attempt to get the 'perfect shot,' off the marked trails.

The HuffPost also recalls that at least 259 people lost their lives between 2011 and 2017 while trying to take selfies in unusual places: a cliff, the top of a dam, a building, a moving train... We're five times more likely to die taking a selfie than we are to die from a shark attack. Food for thought...

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