Three Cows That Were Swept To Sea By A Hurricane Were Found Alive And Well On An Island

Last September, Hurricane Dorian hit the Bahamas and part of the east coast of the US. In North Carolina, three cows were swept to sea by rising waters. Their owner probably didn't expect to see them alive again...

Incredible but true. The three cows were found hanging out miles away from their original home, on a string of sandy islands called the Outer Banks, the Charlotte Observer reported on Thursday.

They were discovered by officials from the Cape Lookout National Park, grazing in the grass.

They'd been living there for two months, in the middle of sand dunes and vegetation... "[They] certainly have a gripping story to share," BG Horvat, spokesperson for the National Park, told the Charlotte Observer.

The three cows are the miraculous survivors of a "mini-tsunami" caused by Hurricane Dorian last September. They were on the Cedar Island peninsula when they were washed to sea, along with thirty or so wild horses.

They swam anywhere between 6 and 10 kilometres before finding refuge on an island, which is incredibly fortunate because they could have gone astray and found themselves wandering in the Atlantic Ocean.

Now that their owner has identified them, they can go back home, by boat... But it'll be hard to catch them because, according to Cape Lookout officials, they're "very wild and very fearful," andthey run away when anyone gets too close to them. They'll probably have to be sedated.

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