Woman surrounded by pod of hungry killer whales after sea lion seeks refuge on her boat

Very few people can say that they’ve been surrounded by a pod of giant killer whales and even fewer would actually want to be able to say that—especially after seeing this terrifying video.

Hungry whales
© @nutaball
Hungry whales

A woman had taken out her boat to the sea near her home in Vancouver Island, Canada, when a sea lion jumped aboard, bringing with it a hungry group of orcas. She captured the bone-chilling incident on camera and uploaded it on TikTok, but took it off after netizens accused her of being insensitive to the scared mammal.

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Surrounded by killer whales

In the video, the woman was seen coaxing the animal to get off the boat to return to the waters where death was imminent. She is heard saying in the background:

You have to go, you can't be here. Oh my goodness, I don't know what to do? Where did you come from? I never even seen you out there?

She then manages to chase it off while saying:

You need to go, I know you’ll suffer honey but this is how the world works.

While the woman, who goes by the username @nutaball on TikTok, was cast in a villainous light by viewers, she also seemed terrified by the fact that multiple killer whales were encircling her boat in an attempt to catch their meal of the day.

After the seal retreated to the waters, she then drove the boat away from the whale-infested area.

Do orcas kill humans?

Orcas may be known as killer whales, but they do not usually prey on humans. The reason why they’ve been given such a deadly name is because they’re known to eat all kinds of underwater animals, from smaller seals and sea lions, to mammals as big as the great white shark.

According to Live Science, there have been no reports of orcas attacking humans in the wild—at least not intentionally. There have been a few instances in which a human has been injured because it was mistaken for another animal, like a seal. However, orcas are known for attacking boats.

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