This Woman Looks Twenty Years Younger - Thanks To Kebabs

To stay eternally young, this seventy-one-year-old has a secret. For her, there's nothing better than eating kebabs to keep an eternally young figure!

This Woman Looks Twenty Years Younger - Thanks To Kebabs
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At 71, Ajda Pekkan, a famous Turkish singer, literally looks 20 years younger. A real stroke of luck for this grandmother, who deigned to divulge her secret to youthfulness in order to help others.

This seven-decade-old woman, a true icon of Turkey, doesn't deprive herself of anything when it comes to food. Even though she admits preferring a healthy diet based on vegetables, Ajda Pekkan claims, however, that she would never deprive herself of eating good kebabs. A little pleasure that, she says, helps her maintain an enviable figure.

'I always pay attention to what I eat but I don't limit my choices. I like kebabs and fish,' says the woman who also drinks a mixture of ginger, lemon and honey every morning. Of course, the grandmother also stays regularly active and takes great care of her body by making sure she uses good body products.

The Turkish singer made 20 albums over the course of her career and has sold over 42 million copies worldwide, represented her country in Eurovision in 1980. She is a real rock star who looks after her appearance. And the consumption of kebabs clearly seems to be doing the trick.