This Terrifying Footage Proves Why You Should Never Tailgate

This Terrifying Footage Proves Why You Should Never Tailgate

The dangers of the road have never been so clear as they are in this shocking video footage of what happened when one driver decided to tailgate.

Tailgating on the highway can be punished by a fine and if so, it is because this behaviour can be very dangerous.

On the road, especially when driving on motorways, it is extremely important to follow all safety instructions. Indeed, if an accident at a red light can be dangerous, you can imagine the damage that an accident at 80 mph can cause.

If you don’t believe it, the video that you can see above will probably make you change your mind.

Filmed proof

One car was too close on the Little Chute (Wisconsin) highway when suddenly the front one started to brake. The driver behind was unable to control his vehicle and simply ended up off-road.

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For your safety, we remind you that it is vital to comply with all safety instructions when driving.

Daisy Jones
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