Something Terrifying Started to Pursue Them During Their Run

In Canada, two runners had an incredible encounter as a terrifying predator began to chase them as they jogged through a forest.

© Unsplash

It is well known that Canada is a country with many wild areas populated by animals of all kinds. The proof is in these images. Near Fort McMurray in the Province of Alberta, Canada, two men jogging through the forest encountered a black bear. Having no fear of the two men the bear then followed them for a few minutes walking calmly. The joggers completely frightened by the big ball of fur tried to intimidate the carnivorous animal by shouting and trying to talk to him.

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An original travelling companion

Unfortunately, the bear did not understand human language and continued following the two joggers with a look of intrigue. We can see that he's trying to play with them but it's probably not a good idea for the two men. The bear finally lost interest in the two men for a tree branch. They didn’t hesitate for even a moment for this opportunity to sprint to the car in one piece.

A moment immortalised

On the other hand, it should be noted that the hikers still took the time to film the whole thing, which proved that they remained pretty clam. Even if we would be running if we were in such a situation!

Check out the video above to see the extraordinary footage for yourself!

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