Terrifying Footage of a Mudslide Caught on Camera

You don't want to miss this incredible video of a huge mudslide near the city of Zarechnyi, Russia.

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We all hear about natural disasters, but how many of us can say we've seen one happen right before our eyes? We can imagine witnesses of such an event would be somewhere between amazed and terrified. At least that's how this video, which was filmed not far from the city of Zarechnyi, about 800 kilometres southeast of Moscow, in Russia, made us feel. A photographer filmed a huge mudslide moving up a road, swallowing everything on its path.

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An unstoppable mudslide

From the looks of it, this mix of mud, soil, and snow is unstoppable. In the video, which was recorded by a very brave man, you'll see it sweep away everything in just seconds: trees, rocks, even utility poles! Fortunately, the road didn't collapse, because that would've made the video even more horrific.

Heavy rainfall is to blame

These huge mudslides were caused by the inclement weather that hit that part of Russia, loosening the soil and causing a large-scale landslide.

As amazed as we are by the footage of this mud tsunami, we should also recall that Russia is used to extreme weather conditions! For instance, Oymyakon, the coldest city in the world, is located in Russia. Needless to say, bad weather takes on a whole new definition over there!

Fortunately, Russians are very used to it and are able to act accordingly and adapt to the situation, as did these passengers, who helped push their frozen plane so it would take off as quickly as possible - no big deal, totally normal. We can hardly imagine that happening here, though...

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