This Is Why You Should Never Rest Your Feet On The Dashboard

One woman’s face completely changed after her feet were caught resting on the dashboard during a car accident.

© Youtube/Getty Images

Do you love to rest your feet on the dashboard during extra-long road trips? Doctors warn that this seemingly innocent act may seriously damage and injure you.

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Narrabeen Fire and Rescue Service shared a video that shows what happens when an airbag sets off—the airbag pops with such intensity that it propels the windshield to crack. Would you want to have your feet on the dashboard when the airbag comes out? Probably not.

The Australian National Roads and Motorists Association claim that 400 people suffered from feet-on-dashboard-related accidents in 2016, which is a crazy amount.

When an airbag comes out, it shoves your knees back into your face, which can cause life-altering damage. In fact, this exact thing happened to one lady who was sitting on the passenger side of her boyfriend’s car with her feet resting on the dashboard. What happened to her? Tune into our video to find out.

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