This surgeon is being sued after making rap videos, while illegally operating on her patients

Being a surgeon is one of the most challenging and therefore stressful jobs in the world. While performing surgery, some doctors will listen to soothing music to maintain the calmest environment possible. However, Dr Windell Boutte from Lilburn, Georgia in the US, is probably THE biggest exception to that.

In the US, the privatised medical system gives way to a whole new market of medical professionals, all offering their services in private and costly medical practice. Although there are rigorous laws and regulations in place, like in any industry, malpractice still takes place. This video of a Georgia, board-certified dermatologist is a prime example of that.

Dr Windell Boutte is a qualified and board-certified dermatologist in the southern US state of Georgia. Having said that, she is not authorised to perform any kind of surgery. So when around 20 videos were uncovered by the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and local news channel, WSB-TV doing exactly that, it certainly raised a few eyebrows.

Hip hop in the operating chair?

The videos that were uncovered certainly make for interesting viewing. In several of them, Boutte can be seen rapping along to popular rap music whilst her patients lie unconscious on the operating table.

It's evidently clear that Boutte has a lack of qualifications to perform the job that she’s currently doing. One case involved a woman who sustained permanent brain damage after her heart stopped on Boutte's operating table.

Despite a rising number of lawsuits that have been launched against her, she continues to practice taking a lot of money of unsuspecting patients when her practice or rather, malpractice is clearly unsafe.

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