This pregnant woman caught her husband partying with his lover - and it did not end well

The girl caught them in a taxi and has no qualms about making her husband get out immediately. A pity that this girl has to worry about the misdeeds of her unfaithful partner, when she's so far along in her pregnancy.

This happened in Colombia. The scene unfolds on a jammed street, in a festive neighbourhood. A pregnant girl, many months along, rushes towards a taxi that is stopped in traffic.

She starts hitting the window until she achieves her goal: to get the father of her baby, who was meeting a woman in the taxi, out.

After several attempts, the girl gets him out, and her partner's size is the only reason she didn't grab the woman inside by the hair - she managed to close the door and escape.

The couple began to argue and the enraged pregnant woman smacked her partner. Displeased, the guy takes it out on a witness who, surprised by the drama, recorded the scene.

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