This Man Had The Perfect Response To A Racist Remark At An Airport

Emmit Walker was a victim of racism when he was waiting at the airport. By denouncing the situation on Facebook, his story became viral.

Emmit Walker is a music producer from Washington. A few days ago, he was a victim of racism by a young woman at the airport. An almost surreal scene.Indeed, while waiting to be called onto the plane, a young woman came up to him and said: "Excuse me, I think you've made a mistake. This for priority boarding." Not understanding, the man answered: "Do you mean first class?" The woman nodded and explains that he needed to let her go through and that he would be called afterwards.

To make her understand, Emmit showed his boarding ticket to the woman, but she still didn't understand. Speaking to someone else, she continues: "He must be military or something, but we've paid for our seats, so he'll have to wait." Emmit started to get upset, but kept calm. In a humorous tone, he replied, "No, I'm too big to be a soldier, I'm only a black guy with money." This phrase caused laughter among other passengers who were watching the scene.

After talking about his ordeal on social networks, many Internet users supported Emmit Walker, who didn't expect his publication to be shared. A few days later, he published a video on his Instagram account: he apologized for the magnitude of his story because he didn't want to publicly reveal the woman.

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