This firefighter was sacked for being too sexy on Instagram

Presley Pritchard was regularly criticised by her superiors for the photos she was posting on social media. She was fired in the summer of 2019.

Presley Pritchard, 27, was until recently a member of Evergreen Fire Rescue, in Montana, where she was a firefighter. On August 15th, however, she was sacked from her job, just three years after her arrival. She was criticised for her photos on Instagram, where she posed in a firefighter's outfit. While the young woman says she had permission to post these photos, her employer allegedly asked her to delete them. She chose not to do so, after a discussion with her lawyer.

She claims to have been a victim of sexism

As she explained in a lengthy interview with Vice, however, Presley Pritchard believes she has simply been a victim of sexism. Whereas her male colleagues often pose, on Instagram or in dedicated calendars, shirtless and with a fireman's axe in hand, photos of the young female firefighter have always been a problem for her superiors. 'I'm a good firefighter,' she told Vice. 'I've never, ever once been talked to about my actual job.'

'Am I supposed to leave my butt at home?'

The criticisms began two years after she started the job. 'Her posts were too racy, she was misusing EFR property,' said Vice. The young woman was not happy with the constant reprimands, while her male colleagues had no negative feedback. One day, when she came back from a day off, she was told that she had been fired because she had violated the company's social networking policy.

In her posts? Nothing more than 'fit girl' photos. Presley Pritchard can be seen posing in tight leggings. What about in her captions? Inspirational quotes. Nothing that warrants so much controversy, she said.

It was just always like walking on eggshells there. I actually got issued men's uniform pants. (...) Am I supposed to leave my butt at home?

Accused of looking too sexy, while not accommodating enough in the eyes of her superiors, Presley Pritchard decided to sue Evergreen Fire Rescue. She now hopes to win the case.

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