This 'energy shield master' believed he could stop an MMA fighter with his mind

Check out the video to find out what happens when an MMA fighter and an energy shield master collide!

Being able to harness the universe's energy is an incredibly powerful ability to possess. In mastering the art, you become capable of deflecting and blocking just about any strike from an opponent or aggressor. How? With the simple power of your mind. The only reason we don't see it more often in combat sports like MMA and boxing is that it takes extreme discipline and decades of work to be able to master. Or maybe it's because it's a load of BS...

To help you make up your mind, allow us to show you a video demonstration.

Imaginary energy vs. full-on strikes

One man, who claims to be an 'energy shield master,' put his skills to the test when he challenged world-class martial artist and former officer of the Russian FSB secret service Alexandr Litvinenko to try and strike him. Confident that his abilities would be more than enough to subdue his by the martial artist, he sat on his knees and summoned all the energy he could muster and let Litvinenko have a go at him. How do you think this tale ends?

Honestly, it would just be easier to watch the video and see for yourself, as no words can really describe how incredibly bad of an idea this was.

What happens when a Taï Chi master goes up against an MMA fighter What happens when a Taï Chi master goes up against an MMA fighter