This Delivery Man Did Something Revolting To A Domino's Pizza

On Twitter, the Domino's Pizza brand found itself in the middle of quite the bad buzz in spite of itself. A user of the social network unveiled a video of a delivery man employed by the company spitting on a pizza, which quite logically provoked the anger of internet users.

For many of us, pizza is a sacred dish against which blasphemy is inadmissible. On the other hand, a delivery man from Domino's Pizza obviously does not share the same admiration for pizza.

On Tuesday, November 6th a video in which this employee can be seen spitting on a pizza about to be delivered has created a real controversy. ‘Do not ever order Domino’s' is written on the snap that reveals the delivery man spitting and which is indeed enough to make you lose your appetite.

Domino's Pizza reserves ‘the right to take the case to court’

Faced with the many solicitations of internet users, the chain quickly spoke up about the incident. ‘We have been informed of the video and our teams are at work trying to discover its origin. Such behaviour is unacceptable and seriously harms the image of our brand. We reserve the right to take the case to court no matter who perpetrated the action,’ Domino’s Pizza told a user. In another tweet, the brand reminded that ‘product quality and customer service are and remain [its] top priorities.’ We are reassured.

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