They Catapulted Themselves Into The Air Without Protection At More Than 125MPH

Two base jumpers took the plunge in Dubai. They tested a giant human catapult, with only a parachute and helmet! The pictures are breathtaking…

Always pushing their limits

Some people are ready to go very far for thrills and cold sweats! Like Antti Pendikainen, who jumped from a hot-air-balloonwithout a parachute.

A new level of thrill-seeking

Welcome to Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates! It is there that the two base jumpers, Chris Douggs McDougall and Jimmy Pouchert went to test a giant human catapult! The machine flung them from 0 to 200 kilometres an hour in one second flat, at a height of 90 metres like real human missiles launched into the void.

Real daredevils

The two men threw themselves out without being attached only equipped with one parachute each, which they opened at the last minute. Fortunately, the two friends are used to these kinds of acrobatics and therefore did not encounter any difficulties. We would not have the courage to do the same.

Check out the video above to see this extreme sport in action!

Why Is This Picture Going Viral? Why Is This Picture Going Viral?