Red Bull Has Created Yet Another Extreme Sports Spectacle This Time With Swings

We all played on swings when we were small... but not at this height!

© RedBull

For some, the search for thrilling experiences never stops! Every day is an opportunity to go beyond one's limits and test new things. These paratroopers are the perfect example.

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If for many RedBull fans, the energy drink has a primarily chemical taste, those fans should know that the company organizes many sports competitions that have one thing in common: to go further, higher, faster. In short, no limits! No wonder, then, that RedBull was behind the Mega Swing event, a swing between two balloons...

The participants were experienced paratroopers. They set themselves up in the basket of a balloon, hanging on a swing suspended from another balloon a little further away. Then, they swung into the void for a moment - something we imagine to be unforgettable!

The daredevils strung the acrobatics together, suspended in the air, and even left large coloured traces behind them - thanks to the smoke that hangs at their feet. After taking advantage of the sublime landscape and the breathtaking view, they dropped their swings to parachute into the fields a little lower down. Fortunately, their experience wasn't like that of Antti Pendikainen, who tried the same experiment but without a parachute, for her landing...

Even if it looks easy, we normal individuals probably wouldn't imitate the same thing!

Check out the video above to experience it for yourself, from the comfort of

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