These Teenagers Scaled a Crane and Caused a Major Panic in the City

Beware, these images are not suitable for anyone who suffers from a fear of heights.

It all happened in Ilford, East London. A group of teenagers decided to spend their afternoon scaling a huge crane in a construction zone.

What may seem like a great idea was actually a very dangerous featthat could have ended their lives, because they did not have any security equipment. No harnesses, no ropes, nothing.

The anonymous person who saw them go up and alerted authorities was aware of that. A major emergency team came to the scene to bring them down.

The teenagers realized authorities had arrived when they were halfway there. However, they continued their climb, took their time to take photos and videos for their social networks, and slowly decided to go back down.

Once they were halfway down the tower, they met the policemen who arrested them. They were accused of causing a public nuisance but were released a few hours later.

The truth is that the rise ofsocial networks has made these kinds of exploits increasingly common. The Internet is full of people climbing to very dangerous places with the intention of capturing a photo that will get as many likes as possible.

Does it really make sense to risk your life for a little more popularity online?

Check out the video above to see the footage for yourself.

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