Sploshing: woman reveals she spends $100 per week to smear desserts on her body

Californian model, Mia Cid, discusses 'sploshing', a fetish that involves smothering her body in desserts and creams.

Everyone has that little something that they are into. For some, it may be a foot fetish or maybe they like to stick things where they don't belong. For others, 'sploshing' may be the thing that floats your boat.

Mia Cid reveals she spends $50-$100 a week on desserts but not because she has a sweet tooth. Cid actually covers herself in food to participate in a fetish called 'sploshing'. The model even takes photos of the messy scenes and shares them with her loyal Instagram following.

Extreme Love

Cid revealed in the latest episode of Extreme Love when she first realised she had a passion for sploshing after experimenting with her shaving cream at the age of 11:

I really enjoyed the feeling of the shave foam and I thought ‘I want this everywhere. If my parents went out I would lock myself in the bathroom and fill up the tub with shave foam and just wriggle around in it for ages.
ClixMessyHot /SWNS

It was this shaving cream that opened up Mia to a whole world of textures and she revealed that it was just the start of her experimentation and would steal various items from the kitchen:

I used to take whipped cream, chocolate milk, ice cream and puddings from the kitchen and smear them all over myself in the tub...if my mum was out. Mum would always ask ‘what happened to all the whipped cream?’ And I would play it off as if I just had a really sweet tooth or something.

Mia was raised in a catholic household and she was hugely ashamed of her newfound kink until she discovered that there were other people out there just like her:

I felt instant relief and happiness, I felt like I could breathe. There was a word for what I was into, ‘sloshing’ and there were loads of other people out there who felt the same as me…before that day I had I never told a single person. In the environment that I grew up, I felt like a weirdo for even having a sexual drive.
Extreme Love

Looking back, Cid even thinks her sploshing fetish may even be a result of her upbringing:

I was sent to etiquette school as a kid, which was all ‘sit up straight, pull up your socks, always be clean’ and I was always thinking ‘just let me play in the dirt. It’s probably a form of rebellion.

Luckily for Mia, she is now totally confident with her quirky interest and regularly does high art sploshing photoshoots under the stage name Lumlum. Mia has even been able to meet a whole crowd of sploshers just like herself but she still hasn't been able to turn it into a romantic venture and admits she is still looking for the splosher of her dreams:

My last boyfriend was very supportive of my sloshing but he didn’t want to get messy himself, he’d just watch me do it, and maybe buy me some supplies to help out. Now I want to find a partner who is willing to slosh with me for the long term.
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